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Industrial Model Resin

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Industrial Model Resin

Alias Industrial Model Resin Specification

The resin is a material that can meet biocompatibility standards.

Formulated to provide high printing accuracy and high quality surface. Used in a wide variety of sectors, including automotive and industrial.


Shake well before using and use gloves during application.

Preheat the resin in cold weather.

The resin temperature must be between 20-30 ºC before printing.

Make sure your printer is clean before each print

Do not print in dusty or high humidity air.

Ventilate the room when the printer working

Printed model should be washed with isopropyl alcohol and then use compressed air to dry the washed part.

Shelf Life 

There is an expiration date on the label.

Products have a shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Storage conditions

The resin should be stored in its own packaging, at room temperature, in a dry and non-direct.

Should not be stored in humid air and hot.

Compatible Printers

Our resins are compatible with LCD and DLP printers between 385-405 nm wavelength.

Example; Anycubic, Phrozen, Creality, Nova, Elegoo, FlashForge, PioNext, Rapid Shape, Ackuretta, Asiga, Shining