Customized Solutions for Dentists

Motif Pattern Resin 

Motif is a ımplant verification jig, light-curing resin for fabricating custom milled attachments using the casting technique. The material may also be used for intra- and extra oral splinting of cast units in preparation for soldering.

  • The material is cured with light polymerization devices at a wavelength range of 400-500 nm
  • Motif can be applied directly from the dispenser and burns out without residue
  • The cured material can be used in conjunction with common casting waxes

Sedef Gingiva Barrier

Sedef is a light-reflective, passively adhesive (sealing) light cured resin. It`s dimethacrylate base is designed with adequate strength to maintain a barrier, yet removes easily from embrasures and undercuts. The contrasting green color of sedef shows its location on the gingiva and teeth for more effective coverage.

Pergamon Bond Aligner

Pergamon is intended for use as an orthodontic bonding adhesive for brackets, appliances and button formation to thermoplastic aligner surfaces. It is not indicated for use with cloudy (Class C) thermoforming materials.