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Ultra Glaze

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Ultra Glaze


Ultra Glaze Specification

Ultra glaze is your best solution partner in finishing restorations with its strong effect and glossy surface.

Provides long-lasting shine and high wear resistance in all restorations.

İt is biocompatible

Cured under UV light.


- Saves time 

- There is no need for a polishing stage because of curing. 

- Easy use and application

- Thin coating layer (25-50 μm), lasting shine and long-term results.

- Provides high wear resistance and discoloration resistance

- Excellent bonding to various polymer-based materials


Smooth the restoration surface with a dental burs

Clean the surface with an ultrasonic cleaner and then dry with air. 

Shake the bottle well and put a few drops on a clean surface.

Brush the surface onto the object without creating air bubbles.

Polymerize for 3 minute under UV lights.

Usage areas


-Acrylic prostheses.

-Hybrid ceramic crowns.

-Implant prostheses.

-Composite crowns and bridges.

-Temporary resin crowns and bridges.

-Permanent implants.