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Denture Denture Base Model Resin

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Alias 3d Printer Denture Denture Base Model Resin is produced in accordance with MSLA, LCD, DLP 3D printers. You can create quality 3D models on 3d printers between 385 and 405 nm wavelengths.



Alias Denture is a biocompatible resin used to make removable denture bases. It is extremely robust and durable compared to traditional removable denture base materials.

Printer and resin must be optimized for error-free results

Make sure to preheat the resin in cold weather in winter.

Compatible with LCD, Monochrome and DLP printers.

Shelf life is 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Shake well before use and wear gloves during application.

Do not expose to direct sun during printing.

You can print at room temperature between 20°-35°. Be careful not to print in dusty or high humidity areas.

Work as cleanly as possible, dirty pans or equipment will cause deformation and thus printed objects to fail.

Ventilate the environment where your printer is located during operation.

Please contact your doctor in case of an allergic reaction.

You can view the physical properties of our Denture Model resin from the table below.

Physical Features                             

Viskozite/Viscosity, 25 °C



Tensile strength/

Tensile Strength



Flexural Modulus






Biyouyumluluk /Biocompatibility

Non-cytotoxic /Non-cytotoxic

Biyouyumluluk /Biocompatibility

Not mutagenic /Non-mutagenic

Biyouyumluluk /Biocompatibility

Not a sensitizer/Not a sensitizer