P200 Industrial Printer

Micron Precision

The P200 series adopts an Industrial-grade DLP light engine, with a low optical distortion, high projection uniformity, and increased stability. The spot size can be customized between 32.5-65μm. 

In addition, the P200 series can achieve dimensional accuracy up to 10μm* level with the precision transmission system.


Mechanical engineering, electronic component, education, cultural and creative industries.

High-viscosity photosensitive resin
The chamber can be heated to 60°C
Direct manufacturing of terminal parts
Customize the spot size

The ability of printing high molecular weight resin & customized light spot option.

P200 series products adopt an Industrial-Grade DLP projector with low optical distortion, projection uniformity, and increased stability.

In addition, the spot size can be customized between 32.5-65μm according to application requirements, and the precision transmission system can achieve the highest dimensional accuracy of 10μm* level.

This series is also equipped with a molding chamber of up to 60°C, which can use high-viscosity and advanced resins so that the performance of the printed parts can be directly upgraded from the functional prototype level to the terminal component level.

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